800 Credit Card Debt

There are over 8 million searches online every month, Adsense per click values get close to double figures and there is a large mass of affiliate programs to promote name. But something even bigger.

The reason I think he just has to be part of its product portfolio is the payment shock lead programs offered by some reputable companies that lets you get the chance to win a whopping $ 65 per lead just for the prospect of filling a form approved. As payment for leads go, this is the holy grail, and tell you exactly where to find this affiliate program in the download area.

It is estimated that the credit card business is a worth $ 50 billion in the United States, and the total amount of credit card debt in America is over $ 800 million. These facts are alarming, and from the point of view of a content publisher to be licking his lips for joy, because we have already seen more than 8 million people search month to "credit card" online. When this type of volume in terms of prospects and pure cash changing hands, can be sure there is money involved – and thanks to the Internet even "Joe blog can engage in a great way of owning a simple site or blog with targeted content appropriate programs and affiliates.

More facts? There are over 1.2 billion credit cards in circulation in the U.S. and almost 80% of individuals are considered credible.

The thing is that credit card companies know that with the average U.S. household shelves of an eye-popping $ 7000 of credit card debt, the plus companies earn on their credit cards … more money than they do. It's a numbers game pure and every Sign means a lot of money for them – not only as a discount, but for years into the future.

You see, that's exactly why is going to throw around a lot of money to get these customers (and lots of it). That's why no pay per click and pay per lead potential here that almost defies belief (and frankly, makes payments of internet marketing seems like a bad joke). Let us briefly review the potential:

** Pay Per Click Potential **

The credit card companies are known to offer around the $ 4 to $ 8 per click mark Adwords and even more in certain keywords. As a result, a simple content site based on credit / blog can make like a bandit with Adsense and other contextual programs.

Pay Per Lead ** potential **

Credit card payment per lead programs are among the strongest pay per lead programs at any niche. I remember the excitement when the prolific guru of Internet marketing that offers U.S. $ 1 per lead (for a limited time) payment under lead. If you think that is something, how $ 65 for the lead sound – one of the pay-per-lead programs I've found is that does precisely that (details inside the package). If you have tried to find reliable pay per lead programs before you know it is very difficult. There are literally hundreds of card companies credit – the majority are not involved with pay per lead … This information alone is priceless and if the value of your time – saving you a lot of it.

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