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Hi [fb_first_name|],

You are one click away from getting access to the “Secrets of a 720 Credit Score” guide and to a growing community that is helping one another to make educated financial decisions!

1. Go and check your email [fb_email|] for a confirmation message. The title of the email message is:

Confirm Your Request To Get “Secrets of a 720 Credit Score”

2. Click on the confirmation link and it will take you to the members area where you will have access to the guide.

3. Follow the directions in the guide to boost your credit score!

Inside the guide you will find a link to our “Secrets of a 720 Credit Score” community where you can ask questions, interact with other and find a wealth of FREE tips, videos and information that will help you along the way!

Go and check your email now.

To Your Success,
Robin Fulton

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