Avoiding Bankruptcy after Consolidating Debt with Bad Credit

Obtaining a debt consolidation loan can be a good way to help pay off your creditors and improve your credit ratings, which eventually lead to debt elimination. Understand that once consolidating your debts you still have to repay the consolidation loan. If you don’t want to find yourself filing for bankruptcy be sure to plan your monthly budget wisely and avoid rapidly building credit card debt.

The Risk Involved In Secured Debt Consolidation Loans

If you own an asset you can use it as collateral and apply for a secured debt consolidation loan. You will be offered lower rates than an unsecured loan. Your bad credit ratings have some effect on the interest so if you can improve your credit before applying for the loan you are on the best track. Due to the fact that you are using, for example, your house as collateral, you are in the risk of it being repossessed if you are found to be bankrupt. Avoid this by paying back the monthly loan payments and spend money only on things you need.

Once You Have the Cash Pay Off the High Interest Debt

So you’ve successfully obtained a debt consolidation loan with your bad credit ratings and the time has come to pay off your debts. Experts recommend paying of the high interest debt first! After all they are most likely the payments that cost you the most in the long run, debts like; Credit card payments, personal loans and the like.

Borrowing Enough Money to Pay Off all Your Debts

If you are hesitating about how much money to borrow, first calculate how much is the sum you owe. Borrow that amount and a bit extra just in case. There is no use in borrowing less than you owe. The basic idea or a debt consolidation loan is to merge your debts into one main loan thus dealing with one repayment. Make sure to get rid of any extra credit cards. One, maximum 2 per household is enough! If you find it isn’t enough than reduce your expenses. Remember to make sure that your income is enough to cover the repayment of the consolidated loan and any other expenses you may have. If you treat this carelessly you will find yourself eventually filing for bankruptcy.

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