Bad Credit Atv Loans

I have bad credit and am looking for a loan to buy an ATV. Does anyone know where I could go for a loan?

Mitsuko Loan responded by saying that I pay 10 Grand and requested 1 Grand below. They said they said it was for insurance. Never heard of this company, so I do not know if it is a scam or not. Any advice about this company?

because you are a high risk, not a big problem at all for them to ask money down. I'm surprised you are not asking for 20%. Since you already have bad credit, you really need to think whether this is an issue that needs or simply want. Using credit to buy is simply not a good idea really. If you were a car, then I can see the need but an ATV idk. If you do borrow, consider the need to pay on time every time. Ruining your credit takes years to get you out of the hole. My credit was ruined by a terrible illness and inability to return to work. While working hard to pay Yet even destroyed us. Credit is a privilege and not know what will happen in the future (I got sick with 27), so choose to be wise about the loans.

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