Credit Card Debt Assistance

I want to consolidate my credit card accounts into one, but the bank will help me because my debt is too low?

Now, does that make sense .. I have about 10 cards fully 6,000. I want to consolidate into a single card, a bill .. but even my bank told me .. the total amount is too low to provide consolidation .. Now how can that be possible .. I owe 50,000 dollars, so you can not get assistance … "This is completely wrong or what? Oops banks not going to help me … because … Tring honest people to get ahead .. no .. help but have no money to buy a home that will give you a home loan … What is wrong with this picture?

You can pay $ 6,000 quickly if I really put effort in that direction. Get a second job, pay less balance of credit card and pay the minimum on all others, once the child is paid to move to the next lowest, before realizing his home for FREE!

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