Credit Card Debt Bankruptcy

I have a considerable amount of credit card debt. It is the bankruptcy filing of the answer?

I have a lot of debt, and I want go! Accumulated during periods when he was unemployed. Now I'm working all my money goes to pay just the minimum! I can not seem to get ahead. Luckily, my debt is unsecured. So, I guess if they do not pay my bills, can not take anything from me. Should I stop paying my bills?

consolidate at the lowest rate or transfer rate or rate of funding it can find. After paying more than the minimum, be happy with what you have and not buy or spend on things that will put you deeper into debt. The credit card companies rip people with very high rates where no search and get the lowest rates competitors. Sometimes, I just call them and say you found a better rate of ____ will offer you a better rate.

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