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The easiest way to beat the credit card debt is to avoid it. OK, it's easier said than done! But seriously, the credit card debt is bad. If you can not avoid (like most Americans), at least keep it manageable. Here are five tips to keep your credit card manageable, and hopefully entirely avoid.

1. Do not buy on impulse. Put another way, do not buy things the same day that you see. Sleep on it. If you have doubt, sleep on it for a couple of days. I found that after a day or two of reflection, usually realize that what I wanted was not necessarily something he really needed.

2. Pay with cash whenever possible. Not easy, but it is amazing how different they think about spending money when effective or a credit card. It is less likely to drop hard earned cash (Real Money) for "nice to have" things.

3. Negotiate the interest rate your credit card company. If you're like most Americans, you get credit card offers every week. Play card companies credit among themselves. When you get to the next offer, call them up. Tell them that the interest rate and the benefits you get from your favorite card company credit and ask them if they will match. Half the time, they will match or better the treatment they are receiving.

4. View summary of your credit card. So crazy as it sounds, I have experienced establishments round up (in a big way!) When you make a credit card purchase. Get a $ 15 haircut; Your credit card is charged $ 20. Have a nice meal for 75 dollars, your credit card is charged $ 95. It seems that small in the whole scheme of things, but it comes. It is given for a few dollars here and there. Save your receipts and check your account statement credit card each month. Do not be afraid to call your company credit card and dispute a charge. If a load is total BS your credit card company will do field work and contact with the provider to dispute the charge. I found that in most cases, your credit card company will fix almost any charges you do not agree.

5. The number five is the most important (and hopefully simple) tip, pay the balance every month! This can be an incredible challenge, as credit is too readily available, but is essential that you and your family well-being. If you carry a balance prevent credit card, avoiding the payment of interest on credit card companies. Companies credit card fool you by offering a low "minimum monthly payment. Do not be fooled. That the minimum monthly payment is only available for to drag out their payments and earn interest payments to your credit card company. It is of interest (no pun intended) to pay the monthly minimum balance. Make sure you pay the balance every month!

So assuming that you control from 1 to 5 above, how can you beat the credit card companies? Take their money! There are a number of credit card companies that offer cash back on purchases you make. I did a lot of research cash back on credit cards and wrote to me to find my blog about doing things. I would recommend that once your finances credit card in order, you are a high quality cash back credit card and withdraw money from the credit card companies!

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