Credit Card Debt Fraud

Having forgiven debt without going through bankruptcy may sound like an impossible wish, but the companies providing these services are using a real law on the books.

According to national economic security and Reformation Act NESARA, the mortgage and bank debt can be erased in an effort to compensate consumers for the bank and government fraud. The NESARA equipment has been authorized to pay up to $ 9,000 per card financial institutions.

Hector Milla editor of "Site rid of credit card debt — target = "_blank" href = ""> – said;

"… That is why for most people it sounds like a plan of debt forgiveness. The Act is designed to compensate consumers for the bank and government fraud by erasing its debt, the repayment of its loan, and the release of the consumer to be able to begin again … "

One of the reasons for the Law was to show the public that the Government is aware of the horrible interest rates credit card companies and banks charged. Because we live in an economy credit, some people were able to agree not to pay those charges in order to obtain a credit card. This event is designed to make a moral statement to the public including usury practices of companies in the unregulated free market, and have the chance to erase their debt and move on.

"… With the state of the economy as it is, many credit card companies are willing to remove up to 70% of debt from the creditors to get all you can before things get worse. There really is no hidden agenda here. A customer can pay his remaining debt after five years from 40% to 70% deletion is better that a customer goes bankrupt and the total amount lost in the bank. Most banks and credit card companies are willing to take what they can Debt relief plan after meeting in situations similar to those of your clients … "Said H. Miller.

Further information on the confidence with major companies for the payment card credit debt per visit; href = "">

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