Credit Card Debt Garnishment

Obtain approval for a credit card can be difficult without a positive credit history working in your favor. It's a Catch-22: To obtain a credit card you need a good credit history. But having a good credit history, you must establish good credit!

This no-win cycle can keep people with a credit history-not non-existent, limited or negative approved credit card. But does not understand the type of credit cards available and how to build a good credit history.

When it comes to credit cards, the document applies depends on your situation. If you are a student, will, of course, enroll in a university card. But if you are a student with a history of non-existence credit card or bad is secured or obtained with a co-signer can be the best solution. With co-signed credit cards, guarantees, and that petitioner is responsible for the debt. This means that the co-signer is responsible for paying the full amount of the debt if the owner does not pay. In fact, the debt when co-signed by default is three times four firms are normally done to pay the debt by the Federal Trade Commission.

In addition, the bank may grope for debt repayments without first seeking the cardholder. The bank can also use the same collection methods against the co-signing individual, including legal action and seizure of wages. If the debt is not paid, could leave a negative sign in the credit history of co-petitioner, and the cardholder.

Despite the risks, co-signed credit card can be a great tool to help a friend or relative build their credit history so that one day might get a card for them. Guaranteed, co-signed and pre-paid credit cards offer viable options. But we must start building a solid credit history, so you can get a card regular credit on their own in the future.

First you must understand how credit card issuers to determine the creditworthiness. The criteria approval varies among the issuing banks, but generally refers to what is called the three "C" credit capacity, character and collateral. Capacity refers to your ability to pay based on your income and existing debt. The warranty includes all activities that you can get the payment, such as bank accounts or property. Characters relate to factors such as payment history, length of employment, etc.

To have a good idea of how your application fee with the company credit card, credit check with credit agencies: Experian ( Equifax (www.equifax. Com) and TransUnion (www. They have access to payment information directly from agencies that have a corporate credit as well as government agencies such as courts.

Credit rating agencies use the information in your credit history to determine the score or credit score. Credit scores, also known as FICA or Beacon scores depending on the CRA, generally range 350-850. Most banks based on credit if the result is at least 620. If your score is 720 or more banks offer interest rates lower.

Overall, our assessment is determined by your payment history during the last two years. T echnically, CRAs calculate your score using a closely guarded formula. TransUnion, for example, determines credit scores using a variety of factors, including: how pay bills, how much and how often should you apply for credit.

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