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You're sitting there one day, out of work due to pressure from their unsecured debts weighing on his shoulders. Suddenly, in the background noise of the TV you hear a fantastic Deal – consolidate your existing debts into "one easy affordable loan." Do you think wow, just what I need for my debts under control and you achieved sales propaganda.

Sounds great right?

Debt consolidation UK is not a new phenomenon in those days. It has been whole time. Many people have taken busting debt consolidation loans. So why is the amount of debt in the UK continues to rise so fast? And why bankruptcies, IVA and debt counseling services to their limits and running at all times with high numbers at this time? Well people sell the advantages, but I'd recommend to think about the disadvantages too!

Advantages of debt consolidation UK

Well, the interest rate normally decreases in the amount of unsecured debt borrowed to make monthly payments more affordable.

His debts are under control quickly so annoying phone calls and letters from angry creditors stop.

Disadvantages of debt consolidation in the United Kingdom (this is the part that do not want to think too much about)

To get a loan for debt consolidation usually requires some form of ownership. The consolidation of unsecured debts of his house some of the actions is lost. So what was previously unsecured debt is now part of a tax on its property. Each legal in the UK selling these services listed in the fine print of your home is at risk if you do not maintain payments (that now larger) guaranteed loan. So you have placed a greater risk to your property. I regularly meet people who have bought their house maybe 20 years ago by figures such as £ 80,000 on a house worth £ 110,000 to find that a decade that have a value of the house (for example) with a further £ 180,000 of mortgage debt Consolidated £ 150,000. So we still only have a similar amount of equity in the property, but also have a mortgage now almost double in size!

Another disadvantage is that the loan term is usually greater. Well, sometimes the debt consolidation companies in the UK that is sold as a benefit with a line as "you can take more time to pay your debts and give yourself time to get to the top of its debt in the coming years. I think that a strange statement. Mortgage has doubled in a decade and has found that debt, but then your spending habits will change and be debt free at some point in the future. What are your thoughts as you read this? Another interesting point arises here. Because the term is often more time is likely to end up paying much more than your hard earned money for unsecured loans to pay for the time their new guaranteed loans.

Does debt consolidation company Asked what is your ambition for life son? You see, you can be out of immediate debt issues but you may just have given up the possibility that early retirement / new car / holiday to see his family down under too. You see, if the amount you are paying is higher than had budgeted for then you may have to work harder to achieve their dreams. It has been discussed with you?

Did you consider at least 6 key get our debt problems before deciding on your debt consolidation loan? Can the company you speak, even name 6 solutions leave the debt problem? If not, then you have ignored several other options that may have been more appropriate for the financial situation was found in. It's rare to find loans and mortgage brokers that are fully trained on the solutions to deal with insolvency and debt problems. They have their offer and speak payment on monthly figures to show how it could be better, but is the best way forward? Well, of course, that depends on your situation.

A the last word on the debt consolidation UK

Now, I think that debt consolidation has its place, but I think I could have done more to understand that there are other options to get out of debt. Get debt help and advice is essential right. Look at the advantages and disadvantages to each solution takes into account the resolution of the debt and then make a more informed decision.

There are more options out of the problem of debt then most people realize, including debt consolidation, but not limited to that course of action.

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