Debt Consolidation Review

What do I mean when I call a relentless collection agency?

Some of my medical bills are in collections. I just checked my report credit. There is a new collection agency filed, and says I owe $ 700. I do not know what it does. I looked at the online business, and read the reviews. It seems that people who work for this company are ruthless. They call people all day, yelling at people, and even resorting to insults. I want to know why I owe $ 700, but can not afford to make a large payment. I've been using a debt consolidation company to pay my debt. Each company receives a small payment each month. What if I call the collection agency and demand payment? Should I tell them that they will receive payment later? Should I hang up? I worry that if I say something wrong, it could use against me.

I would expect to write to you. Everything possible to keep writing, then you can refer to it. The agency will to keep non-threatening, then too. I phone you at all. Seek advice from citizens advice offices.

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