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Finding yourself in debt may feel like falling into a bottomless pit. People who realize they are in debt and acknowledge the fact that they have a problem have already won half the battle. The first step in debt consolidation is willingly changing your way of life and spending habits. If you seriously want to consolidate debt you must first fully understand this as a fact.

Free Debt Consolidation Quotes
If you are in a large amount of debt or struggling to reach a debt free status, consider letting a debt consolidation cousler contact you. There are proffesional orginizations which can help you consolidate debt in a relitavely short period of time. They will guide and assist you in a proffesional matter and getting a debt consolidation quote is free and requires no obligation.

Debt elimination
In the process of consolidating debt, keep in mind that if you take a loan to cover your debt, make sure to be extremely cautious and calculated. It is always better to pay off the higher interest rates first. Do not live your life the way you did before since that is exactly what got you into debt in the first place. Some individuals can consolidate debt quicker than others with the aid of will power alone and without having to apply for a loan.
This is what the FTC has to say about debt consolidation:

“If you’re not disciplined enough to create a workable budget and stick to it, work out a repayment plan with your creditors, or keep track of mounting bills, consider contacting a credit counseling organization.”
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The steps to debt consolidation
There is no proven method to debt consolidation since the ultimate solution depends on many factors and savvier cases should be handled by a debt consolidation counselor. However, you should always begin by helping yourself. You may start by using the following tips:

Identify your exact debt amount

Do it, just sit down and put together the exact amount that you owe. Try to find the factors that got you into this situation. They may be from dinning at restaurants or spending extra time at clubs etc’.

Cut expenses as much as possible

Once you’ve found the expenses which eventually drown you in debt put a stop to them. Start off by spending 50% less from those particular expenses, you will be surprised that you can save money in areas you never thought you can. In the course of a few months (depending on the amount of debt) you will see a substantial difference and will be closer to debt relief.

Get a debit card instead of a credit card

The easiest and most comfortable way to pay is with credit card. No surprise that you can find yourself at the end of the month with 40% less of a salary. If you find that your credit card is causing your debt problem the best way to help yourself is getting a debit card. Psychologically when you pay by cash or with a debit card you would think twice if the purchase you are planning to make is necessary or not.

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