Get Out of Debt Quicker by Buying Less Tuna!

Last week my wife came home from shopping for groceries, we shop once a month for the whole month. While helping out with unpacking the groceries I find myself stacking in the closet 16 tuna cans. I asked her for the reason she bought this unusual amount of tuna cans (which I think you can feed 12 marine solders with – on a mission to save earth) she says: “Honey we eat tuna and they were on sale!” She was right in a way and had good intentions, she wanted to save us money, but did she? It actually made me think! I wouldn’t usually pay attention to such a thing, but, it happened to hit me.

Why buy 16 tuna cans when we eat about 8 a month?

Sometimes we are introduced to these “amazing” sales and we’re sucked in to buying more than we really need at the moment.

How often do you come across?

“Buy 2 Get 1 Free” or “Buy 3 Get 2 Free” and the most famous – “Buy 6 and Win a Chance for a Brand New Mercedes!” These “sales” aren’t always profitable. Often during the sale one tuna can costs more than it normally does. Those are the times where you should be a smart buyer instead of an impulsive one. Purchase, if possible with discount coupons, only what you need for that same month or week or how ever often you go shopping for and what you save you can use to pay off more debt.

This taught my wife and I something very important when it comes to buying only what we really need for that month. Oh, and just to let you know we were so close to winning the Mercedes.

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