Auto Insurance

Did you know that there are a few proven methods to save hundred of dollars from your annual premium?

Car insurance companies will quote high rates by default so it is very important to provide insurance companies with accurate information about you when asked for. Furthermore if your financial status allows you to raise your deductible, just a bit, many insurance companies will quote lower rates.

Health Insurance

One thing not worth gambling with is your health! A health insurance plan should be an essential part of any responsible financial plan, whether married or single. Even young, healthy adults should bear in mind that a single emergency room visit can cost hundreds, even thousands of dollars, and intensive care can cost thousands per day. And that’s not even counting the costs of prescription drugs. This doesn’t mean that a health insurance plan has to be expensive.

Homeowner’s Insurance

What are the factors insurance companies take in consideration when offering you home insurance? Is your house new or old? What is your desired deductible? Is the house located in a High Risk area? What is the condition of your house? Is there a smoker in the house? The answers to these questions and other’s are important to insurance companies and eventually will determine the price you pay for your home insurance.

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