Legit Debt Consolidation

I consolidate my debts in 1 monthly payment …?

I have screwed up by these credit repair agencies just want more false contact with a "legitimate" business debt consolidation so you can start to repay my debt and bills or can I restore my credit. My question is Does anyone know of any trustworthy "," the debt consolidation companies that you (<- key word) can help me? Everyones answers will received with respect.

how many credit cards do you pay? how many loans do you have? do it yourself and save the fees charged scandalous. You can use it to pay off loans. BUDGET. List everyone who should pay smallest to largest and smallest. then you can put that money in the immediately bottom. Meanwhile pay min. in the rest. the reason for the payment of the smallest, rather than the highest interest is because it keeps you motivated to continue. Rate interest is not the problem.

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