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The credit card debt is a problem in Australia, as it is in all other developed countries. The slowing economy is getting people to reduce expenses and reducing debt. The good news is that in October 2007 the levels of credit card debt in Australia were 19.2 billion U.S. dollars by a reduction in 5.4% over December 2007 and 9.2% compared with June 2008.

The bad news is that despite the high repayments, overall levels of card debt credit is still growing. The interest is still perceived in 32.47 billion U.S. dollars in outstanding debt – a level that is 7.8% higher than in December 2007 of 30.04 billion U.S. dollars, although slightly lower than 0.4% compared to June 2008 of 32.59 billion U.S. dollars.

As a result of the credit crunch Worldwide, cardholders in Australia are seeing personal credit being reduced. Almost everyone is overwhelmed by debts and expensive housing rates loan interest on one hand, and rising costs of food and other necessities on the other.

In late October 2008, the average balance per account credit card stood at $ 3135 – implying a utilization rate of 37% on average $ 8,588 limit approved credit account.

This utilization rate is very high. Credit experts say that a cardholder should never try to exceed 10% of the approved credit limit on the card. In fact, Debt optimum rate of use of the card should be no higher than 7%.

It is a clear example of the debt that is accumulating. So, What steps can take a cardholder to take control of credit card debt? Here are some ideas.

1. Seek help immediately. You will always be better to act now on its debt instead of delaying and eliminating the most serious financial problems in the future. If payments are increasingly hard to do, contact the center issuing the calling card of the team specifically to handle issues in financial difficulties (not only the staff in general). Provisions of the Uniform Consumer Credit Code for lenders to impose an obligation to take the programs of the difficulties of the loans.

2. Stop incurring more debt. Counselors are one in advising people to avoid borrowing more money. Obtaining credit cards low interest, which offer low or even zero interest transferred balances can also make sense. But it is very important to use only cards low interest credit cards and destroy old to eliminate the temptation to use them and sink deeper into the hole.

3. Use a consolidation loan debt prudently. A loan debt consolidation, the rolls of credit card debt in the mortgage or personal loan can help. Converts high-interest card debt low-interest credit debt, reducing dramatically the amount of monthly interest.

However, two considerations need attention especially when the consolidation loan debt through the organization of the mortgage. First, the short-term credit card debt becomes in long-term debt, payable over many years, which means that total interest payments will be bigger and second, the lack of service can lead mortgage to the exclusion of the house. Debt Consolidation Loans debt must be managed well.

4. Arrange for the refinancing. Assuming that the refinancing a mortgage is possible (taking into account the higher standards of credit these days), refinancing can work. Some research and elbow grease will necessary. The lower interest rates for basic home loans can look very attractive but be sure to check the type of comparison to other accounts ongoing expenses, such as account keeping fees, rates at the end of a promotional offer or exit fee to get away from the mortgage means the amount that could ultimately with all the savings that can come from refinancing.

5. Plan a realistic budget. You must change your spending habits to free up more of money to cut your credit card debt. It will not be sufficient to pay only the minimum amounts of credit card balances as the debt will take decades to settle. The change in the budget must include the repayment of debt in the list of monthly expenses.

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