Moments before Signing the Refinancing Agreement with the Lender

So you’ve decided to refinance your mortgage. I’m taking into consideration that you’ve done some research and option comparison before choosing to work with your lender. If you haven’t –you might want to get some more knowledge by starting with reading online mortgage refinance information. Let’s focus for a moment on signing the mortgage refinance agreement and things you should be aware of when proceeding.

Use All The Time In The World!

When you have received the forms that should be signed, make sure to see that the rates you were quoted are written down. Check to see the terms of repayment if they haven’t been changed and that you are still pleased with them. In case where you should pay a down payment or any penalties/closing costs get a receipt for it. Don’t hurry yourself into signing the mortgage refinance application before you’ve read it (more than once is better) and understood all the risks and benefits.

Stay Away From Pushy Mortgage Lenders

Competition between home mortgage lenders is huge these days. Many of them still stay competitive because of their quality services and solutions, that’s the kind of lender you are looking for. If at any point the mortgage lender asks you to sign blank documents or pushes you to sign multiple documents without giving you an opportunity to fully understand what’s written on them don’t work with that lender.

Negotiating At the Last Minute

Consumers could save much more if they would have a bit more courage. I am not stating that people don’t have any courage, but, being “not too shy” would really help out. Negotiate the terms, repayment, closing costs interest rates and just about anything you can. I prefer to negotiate, when signing the agreement or just before that. Be persistent in a pleasant and friendly way, doing so will help you get the best offer.

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