On Line Payday Loans

Anyone have any problems with the new line of credit Advance America?

I have my money orders to the United States previously and time, a payday loan. The last time I made the comment at a rate that rose, but said it now offers a line of credit when you pay $ 50 as the first payment and all interest is riveted on the second payment. Just make 2 total payments? How much more expensive than a payday loan normal payment? I saw this on their website: Line of credit rates / April ** – – – -% $ 125.00 365.00 $ 150.00 365.00% 365.00% 175.00 dollars – – – ** The rate represents interest on the maximum amount you could get in the line of credit if a billing cycle of 25 days, authorization ACH, and that the maximum amount is outstanding at the end of a billing cycle. I do not know exactly what that means for me if I would have a say $ 400 line of credit?

This sounds like a very expensive loan (365% APR is 1% per day). That would be about $ 4/day for a loan of $ 400.

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