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This article takes a look at car title lenders against loan lenders payday cash. This comparison includes guarantees, cost recovery, state regulations and legislation, restriction, requirements and to choose from.

As for the guarantee, lenders of payday cash loans require a personal, one-dated check as collateral for a payday loan. And lenders car title requires the title to your car or other vehicle, which then put a lien. They also require a duplicate keys if they just have to repossess it.

Payday loan in most state lenders usually charge about $ 15 per $ 100 of loans, making the annual interest rate of about 400 percent for the average two-week loan. The maximum loan amount is usually about $ 500. This compared to car title lenders, which typically charge 300 percent interest and fees including a membership fee and a small fee to registration of the embargo placed on the title. The maximum loan amount is usually about $ 2,500.

Usually advance loans cash is due in about two weeks, or whenever the borrower gets his next paycheck. In most states that offer car title loans, are due in 30 days. In Virginia, title lenders work under the open-end credit laws. That means there is no due date, but lenders can not charge interest for the first 25 days of the loan. In some states, title lenders keep all the profits from selling a car or other vehicle who has been arrested.

The rapid advance of payday lenders operating in 37 states compared to just 21 states that have car title lenders. And a dozen states have limited the annual interest rate on all small loans. Normally, the maximum is 36 percent so both types of lenders not do business in those states.

In 2008, eight states are considering new legislation or tougher regulations for lenders title parking. Before that in 2007, 16 states were in the vehicle and car title lenders. Six of those states passed regulations.

In 2006 Congress passed a law that took effect in 2007 prohibits all companies payday loans, vehicle title lenders and repayment tax anticipation operations of the members of the burden of military or someone in their families more than 36 percent on any loans.

Both no credit check payday loans and title loans no credit check cars are quick and easy to fix and yes, both require no credit check. The fast cash loan payday online stores and brick and mortar stores both require a current account and its identification. The car title lenders require the borrower to have the car or vehicle used as collateral.

Both the lender of payday cash loans and car title lender are often mentioned as the only option for those who can not qualify for a loan from your bank or credit union. And they both rightfully claim that their loans are only short-term emergency use in lieu of any solution long-term financial.

If you have to do a short term loan, it is easy to see that cash loan payday advance would be the lesser of two evils. Interest may be slightly higher, but the additional fees can eat up the difference. The cash advance loans can be useful if only used for a temporary situation where you know you can pay back at maturity.

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