Personal Loans For Bad Credit

Help! Can anyone tell me a place to get a bad credit personal loan?

I need a personal loan and I'm so lost because of my bad credit. U.S. general I have tried but was rejected. I was offered a loan through international confidence, but I'm very skeptical, because I send 700 as collateral. I'm so lost please someone out there help me!

see if they have a finance company in your area. May have to pay a high interest rate of 25% or more until you get it off. If you have no late payments, this could turn into your credit. Do not Do not send $ 700.00 to the international confidence! Try to stay with a company that is near her hometown and has been in business. If all else fails, get a second part-time job or sell things you no longer need on eBay, do not send items until you get the money for it. Then be sure to send the item within 5 days. It may also have a garage / bake sale.

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