Summons For Credit Card Debt

I received a summons for a credit card debt from 2004. In Colorado, the sun is 3 years. What now?

The summons notes that went into default in June 2004. I have a court date of August 20 and am trying to Ahold's lawyer appearing on the subpoena. I was getting a divorce at the time (not that it does not matter) and it seemed to slip under the radar. I have not received a letter or a bill from Capital One (the lender) in 4 years.

The statute of limitations does not prevent someone from being able to file suit in court. It serves as a defense against the lawsuit. You will appear in court and file for the case dismissed on the basis of being barred debt. Note that the statute of limitations applies to the date your account went into default, not the last date on which you paid.

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