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HELP! wanted real good advice?

My husband is in financial dire straits, we're living in Hawaii and the cost of living is expensive here. Could you consult a debt relief company and helping to affect your credit score? Does anyone know of one that is very helpful and understanding? If someone wondered how we got in this situation, and he divorced ex-wife is receiving the alimony, house, car, in addition to taxes recently has shown that we owe money to Govt. in addition to our cost of living. I'm working and helping, but not enough. I do not know how else to approach this. I know that if you request a bank consolidation that will affect your credit score. Thanks for any good advice.

Sounds like a no win situation may …. that her husband might consider bankruptcy, yes it'll hurt his credit score, but only about 7-10 years … people have enter the office of bankruptcy with similar problems …. call and only a consolation with a lawyer and see what can be done …

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