Will Refinancing My Mortgage Lower My Monthly Payments?

There are several reasons people decide to refinance their mortgage. Among the most common one’s is the benefit of changing your repayment plan. People who have applied for an Adjustable Rate Mortgage and find the prime rates to be high and constantly climbing often find relief by refinancing to a fixed rate mortgage.

Extending the Mortgage Repayment Period

Refinancing can help extend your mortgage payment. For example if you have obtained a 15 year fixed rate mortgage and find the monthly payments high, you can refinance to a longer period, say, a 25 year repayment. This will ease the monthly payment and give you financial flexibility. On the other hand if you’ve got a raise, found a higher paying job or in general more income, you might want to pay a larger monthly payment, thus reducing your repayment period.

Refinancing To a Lower Interest Rate

If you have obtained a home Mortgage at a high rate due to bad credit ratings or high prime rates and find that your credit score has improved or prime rates have substantially dropped, you might want to refinance your mortgage. Remember that you should decide only after extensive market research and at a point when you are confident that refinancing will turn out to be beneficial.

Some Important Refinancing Facts

When refinancing, understand that in most cases you will need to pay a down payment or penalty. Therefore, if you have decided to refinance make sure that it is a one time process and the future will not surprise you in a way when you will need to refinance again. It is a good idea to compare a few lenders and online is the most cost efficient method to refinance or get a loan.

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